We're a global organisation with our finger on the pulse with the latest fashion trends, whilst offering economic and supply-chain efficiencies to deliver fast fashion in weeks.

We're one-stop-shop; trend spotters offering a world-class service that’s right to you. 


What matters to you is that you’re able to react quickly to fashion trends and source goods without compromising on price and quality. Our global spread of operations lets you do exactly that, because if it matters to you it matters to us. 

And whilst we have decades of experience delivering a completely outsourced solution to many of the world’s leading retail brands, we also have the flexibility to work with e-tailers or entrepreneurs. Our experience and scale means that we can offer a tailored solution to almost any problem or request we are faced with, you only need to ask!

Choose the best service model, from a full service bespoke design range, one off requirement or select from our existing ranges - we do it all!


Our experienced sourcing teams, around the world, seamlessly move you through each stage of the sourcing process with ease because we like to keep things simple yet effective.