Nail Trends AW18/19

The autumn / winter 2018-2019 nail trends are full of bold patterns and creative features that will elevate any look. See our new season fingertip favourites here...


Moody Tones:

Naturally with the arrival of the colder months, colours get darker and gloomier both in terms of fashion and beauty. The autumn / winter 2018-2019 nail trends are offering up a countless number of darker nail polish colours you could wear with basically any outfit.



Metallics are usually assumed to be shades of gold, copper and chrome. In recent seasons, the rose gold trend really took off, but now metallics of all shades are getting a lot of love as a fall 2018 nail trend.


New Nude:

The autumn / winter 2018-2019 nail trends announce gold and silver metallic the new nude. Light shades of taupe, beige and even olive green have made the list with soft, early translucent pinks to be considered the new neutrals and nudes.


Glossy Nails:

Glossy-finished nails are always stunning and are a new fall 2018 nail trend. The shine only accented the mix of rich colours and metallics.


Glitter Nails:

The autumn / winter 2018-2019 nail trends proudly state that glitter nails are in, and since we love all things sparkling this is our favourite nail polish option to try.


Rich Reds:

Red is a classic nail colour, but any fan of fashion knows that the shades of red vary and even include blues and orange nail polishes. At the London AW 2018 shows, vampy red nails were back in the spotlight.


Matte Nail Polish:

It is nice that the wonder of matte nail polish will continue to be anautumn / winter 2018 nail trend.


Minimalist Manicure:

Similar to French manicures, a minimalist manicure is done with two colours or less and on a shorter nail like the rounded short tips that were very popular on the runways.


Bejewelled Nails:

Jewelled nails are nothing new in concept, but the newest iteration of the idea features jewels and crystals of different sizes and shapes being placed collaboratively to accent the nails. In some cases, larger stones are placed alone to create a different look worthy of being considered an autumn 2018 nail art trend.