My Intern Photo Journey

Oh how time flies! I've been at Cobalt for over four months now and no two days have been the same! From day to day, I am given lots of different opportunities and responsibilities, and I'm going to share with you some of my highlights to date!

When I started at Cobalt it was all very new to me, but luckily I have a team that gave me all the support I needed to settle in, including two wonderful interns to show me the ropes. I was so grateful for everything they taught me, and we did some really fun things to thank them for their hard work when they left. The best had to be when the office went to an inflatable "Ninja" obstacle course, it was so fun even though it rained!


The team after completing the course

The lovely card the interns gave me (there were chocolates too, but they never last very long round here!)


Another exciting day was when the President of our company came to visit. It was really inspiring to hear how the other teams work around the world and how we are going to progress in the future. I think the main thing I’ve learnt is that there are so many different people involved across the world and many aspects required to produce a successful product. Doing this job has really taught me a completely different set of skills that I acquired from University, such as commercial and customer experience, CAD development and Shima training.


Wai Ping Leung and our Cobalt team.


My proudest moment to date was when I was invited to a meal with one of our customers. I felt proud to be sat at a table with so many important people, and to top it off I was involved in the meeting the next day! It was really insightful to see how head Designers and Buyers interact with each other for a final design request.

Another great day at the office, was when some of the samples I had helped to design, came back from the factory. To see something I contributed to - made into a physical, wearable thing - felt great. It made me really determined to, one day, have my own designs produced in store. 


Here at Cobalt, you can never predict what your day will bring, one moment you're designing new collections, rushed off your feet with lots of tasks to do, and the next you’re playing with sparklers and bingeing on the treats someone has brought into the office. However, one thing I can say for certain is that it is incredible working here. The things I've experienced are beyond what I expected for a placement student, and it makes me look forward to what the next 8 months will bring! 

p.s If you're considering doing a placement year... do. If it's anything like mine, you won't regret it!