Get festive without breaking the bank

It’s that time of the year where the Christmas songs get played on repeat, there's an abundance of Christmas markets and the shops are stacked with festive galore - it’s hard not to get completely carried away! Especially when you think of the harsh reality of an over stretched, long recovering January. So, here’s a few ideas that don’t cost the earth, but can get you feeling festive in no time!

If you live in Manchester there’s no escaping it, the Christmas markets in the city centre are a popular favourite. The markets have only been running for a few weeks and I’ve already gone far too many times. It’s a great way to get locally sourced products for not too much money. I recommend heading to Albert Square to see the huge Santa!



If Christmas markets are your thing, venture out to a different City to see theirs. With some savvy ticket searches you’ll be surprise where you can get to on a budget. Me and my friend from Cobalt headed up to Glasgow for the day, for the bargain price of £22 return. Below are some of the festive things we got up to:


Ashton Lane has some lovely restaurants. I recommend going at night to see it all lit up! 

Walking around the city center there’s some amazing sights. Here’s the Gallery of Modern Art.

The Christmas market at Glasgow was lovely, it was much quieter than the Manchester one too!


As it heads to Christmas, you seem to find yourself being invited to a whole variety of outings: work parties, seeing old friends, family gatherings… It’s the one time of the year where sequins and glitter are socially acceptable at any time of the day, but those sparkly garments come with a not so cheerful price tag. This is where friends come in handy! Ask around and you’ll be surprised what gems they may have hiding away!


One more idea is to wrap your presents and give them a personal touch! Getting parcel brown paper is a cheaper alternative and you can get creative with stamps to decorate them! Plus they look really festive!

I hope that’s given you a few ideas to try before Christmas, enjoy!