Accessorise Your Desk

When working full time in an office environment it's important to keep your desk tidy and looking fabulous to keep you feeling inspired and motivated throughout your day. This is especially true when working in fashion as your desk can quickly become cluttered with samples, yarn and design sheets therefore it's essential that you keep organized to accomplish your daily tasks.



A calendar is essential as it keeps important dates highlighted to keep on track for deadlines.



Notebooks are used every day when working in an office as they are useful for lists and also to scribble down any important quick notes.


Inspirational quotes

Aesthetic post cards with images or quotes not only brighten up your desk area, they can also remind you to stay positive and motivated.



Plants are a great way to decorate your desk area and improve your well-being whilst at work.


Water and hot drinks

It is important to keep a water bottle at your desk when work gets busy as it's easy to forget to stay hydrated. Hot drinks are also good for a motivational treat mid-day.