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  • Name: Elizabeth Walecki
  • Hometown: Swindon
  • Lives: Manchester
  • Job Title: Intern
  • Work Location: Manchester
  • Describe yourself in three words: Apsiring, lively and energetic.
  • The best things in life are: Sale shopping, last minute adventures and making memories with friends and family.
  • I get my inspiration from: Museums, library archives, old photos, youth culture, politics, books.
  • My fav trend is: Anything thrifty. I’m all for finding a whole outfit for next to nothing! I am a seasoned pro when it comes to charity shops- I've even found a real pair Manolo Blahnik heels before for dirt cheap!
  • Three essentials I can't live without are: An umbrella, living in one of the rainiest place in England has its downfalls, retail therapy when life gets too much and, of course, my inhaler.
  • My favourite place on Earth is: I love travelling and going on adventures, but there’s nothing that beats going home to my family. They might live in a grim town, but the cups of tea I’m greeted too in the morning make up for it!
  • I would most like to have dinner with: My ‘Babcia’ and ‘Dziadku’ (my Polish grandparents). I never got to meet them, and I would have been interested in the stories about their childhood and living through WW2.
  • I'm packing in my holiday suitcase: My disposable camera. I love the idea of capturing a moment and reliving it when I get the photos developed, weeks sometimes months later.

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